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"Rise and Shine" Breakfast TV: Legacy 45 Independent Production supported by GMT Media and North19 2015
BBC Arabic Launch Ident & News Titles 2008


June 11th 2020
Freedom of Speech, Pandemics and Human Rights

Some countries have responded far more effectively than others to the threat posed by COVID-19. Many could have done better. Not all have had the advantages of

9th May 2020
Lessons from COVID-19: Towards the "new norm."

Companies are assessing how they should change as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. GMT Media has been facilitating conversations about what it

19th April 2020
Lockdowns and Rights

The government is surprised by the positive response of people in the United Kingdom to the request to stay at home and protect the National Health Service. That

January 1st 2020
The New Language of Revolution

(The Oxford University website Free Speech Debate, recently published this article