A Tool To Crack Corruption

January 2015

Web based news sites are helping to change the face of journalism. They are playing a leading role in challenging corruption and poor management.
Some of these sites are becoming the place to go for people who want to expose wrong doing. If you have evidence that people in authority are abusing their powers, then these web based news channels have the capacity to publicise what is happening and protect their sources. 
Saharareporters.com provides one such service to Nigerians. It is based in the USA but has an impressive reach inside Nigeria.
Nigeria has had a lively press for years and satellite TV channels continue to multiply. But it's the web that is driving change most rapdily in media and Sahara Reporters are at the cutting edge.
Its stated aim is to stand up against corruption by providing a platform for information that otherwise would not get in to the public domain. Key stories on the site are sourced either from members of the public or from people in and around government who come across evidence of corruption and pass that evidence on to the editors.
Saharareporters.com is inenvitably controversial but it hosts a lively and open net-based dialogue about its reports. It is moderated by Editors. Critics are allowed to comment as well as supporters. If you are a Nigerian who is fed up with the corruption that is holding the country back, then Sahara Reporters is one outlet that will be on your radar.
Saharreporters.com is  also not without a sense of humour . "Keeping it Real" is their satirical look at what is happening in Nigeria. Broadcast on web-TV it is both popular and              provocative.  

Jerry Timmins

Managing Director, GMT Media Ltd

Sahara Reporters
Sahara Reporters