(The Oxford University website Free Speech Debate, recently published this article. Free Speech Debate is a research project of the Dahrendorf

GMT Media has been working with IWPR in 2019 to support the work it does in some of the most dangerous places in the world. Whether people live in crisis, civil war or transition

President Kagame has said that he wants the judiciary to put an end to criminal libel in Rwanda. The

Nelson Mandela’s prison guard Christo Brand paid a visit to London recently to talk to group brought together by Nomad School of Business. Mr


Laws that criminalise libel are under fire in West Africa. The legislation causing so much concern is usually couched in sweeping terms to make it possible for a government to lock up

Personal and press freedom are under threat because of increased concern over insecurity and migration, according to the latest global Prosperity Index

To stand out from the crowd, a news platform has to be more than just news with a broad agenda. Rappler is showing how to do this in The Philippines.

One of the most interesting new websites in India, is not just news. It covers social and cultural affairs and pursues important stories with a

The new government in the Gambia has made a serious commitment to reform media regulation and back a free press. It is a laudable and overdue ambition. For too long Gambian journalists have been

Parts of the traditional media in the UK and US should be worried.

Nearly 60 million Americans have just voted for Donald Trump as President. He has won on an anti-establishment platform.

Sierra Leone may be on the verge of becoming one of a handful of African countries to decriminalise libel.

In 1965 the then military government made libel a criminal offence. Section V of

When you already own and manage a media business, it can be hard to break out of the operational cycle to have new ideas or imagine new approaches to tackle existing challenges. This is not only

Many of India’s recently launched news websites are sensational and not always reliable. But one that stands out is
 It usefully pulls

The public need the media to hold people in power to account. Leaders need the media to connect them to the population and provide a true account of what is happening outside the capital,

Web based news sites are helping to change the face of journalism. They are playing a leading role in challenging corruption and poor management.
Some of these sites are becoming the place

I occasionally attend the careers fair at my children's school and I am asked about working in the media and being a journalist. I have quickly pulled together one page to point young students