Sierra Leone may be on the verge of becoming one of a handful of African countries to decriminalise libel.

In 1965 the then military government made libel a criminal offence. Section V of

When you already own and manage a media business, it can be hard to break out of the operational cycle to have new ideas or imagine new approaches to tackle existing challenges. This is not only

Many of India’s recently launched news websites are sensational and not always reliable. But one that stands out is
 It usefully pulls

The public need the media to hold people in power to account. Leaders need the media to connect them to the population and provide a true account of what is happening outside the capital,

Web based news sites are helping to change the face of journalism. They are playing a leading role in challenging corruption and poor management.
Some of these sites are becoming the place

I occasionally attend the careers fair at my children's school and I am asked about working in the media and being a journalist. I have quickly pulled together one page to point young students

A new Breakfast show  was launched on October 15th 2014 in Rwanda. "Rise and Sine" is broadcast by the newly created RBA (the Rwandan Broadcasting Authority). The show is the brainchild of Legacy

Making the world a better place is not the aim of most businesses. It is hopefully a bi-product but usually the name of the game is making money.
For social entrepreneurs it is the other way

GMT Media has produced a new report published by The Legatum Institute. It pulls together some of the ideas being discussed by two governments that are actively seeking to revise and

If company or social values are well considered and clearly articulated then they should last a century. Updates are sometimes required. This can be for a number of reasons, for instance: 


In 2012 The Broadcasting Authority of Ireland (“the BAI”) commissioned Crowe Horwath to undertake a statutory review of the Sound and Vision

Do we need laws to regulate media content?
This is the question the UK has been actively debating recently. Many lobbyists and some in government think the answer is yes. However, many other

An argument for supporting those who try to formulate enlightened Media Policy,

In a democracy, most governments try to ensure that they support Public rather than State broadcasters.
Why is this?
Put simply, this is because elected governments

In a presentation I did recently at a conference, I was asked to lay out some of the essential things to consider when trying to change a State broadcaster in to a public broadcaster. Here are

Countries in Africa face many enormous challenges. Unresolved conflicts; disputed boundaries; huge and growing divides between rich and poor; despotic dictatorships, corruption; lack of free