Find Your Way Through The Avalanche of Social Media

January 2016

Many of India’s recently launched news websites are sensational and not always reliable. But one that stands out is
 It usefully pulls together news stories from most of India’s main news sources from the web, newspapers and TV, summarising them and providing links through to the original stories for those who want more detail.
Scroll then originates Leading articles, opinion pieces and analysis, ranging across politics, society, film, TV and books. These original pieces are often well written and insightful. Scroll does not thunder and is not overtly biased. It is robust and casts a critical eye over government.
It also makes good use of social media, basing stories on it and sifting through material which might otherwise get lost. One unique feature is Socialwire
This part of Scroll uses a unique piece of technology that tracks stories on social media and monitors the most interesting comments and stories being shared by top influencers. Editors then compile the results in to a selection of 10 stories from voices you “cannot ignore”. It offers a helping hand to those who find themselves overwhelmed by the sheer quantity of chatter  on social media.

Jerry Timmins

Managing Director, GMT Media Ltd


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