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"Rise and Shine" Breakfast TV: Legacy 45 Independent Production supported by GMT Media and North19 2015
BBC Arabic Launch Ident & News Titles 2008


January 1st 2020
The New Language of Revolution

(The Oxford University website Free Speech Debate, recently published this article. Free Speech Debate is a research

November 12th 2019
IWPR Giving Voice, Driving Change

GMT Media has been working with IWPR in 2019 to support the work it does in some of the most dangerous places in the world. Whether people live in

27th April 2019
Criminal Libel in Rwanda

President Kagame has said that he wants the judiciary to put an end to

February 19th 2019
Finding Common Ground

Nelson Mandela’s prison guard Christo Brand paid a visit to London recently to talk to group brought together by